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If you are very interest to viewing the historical places  in Jaipur by  cabs and rentals cars then you contact with us for  cabs and taxi services  and visit a Jaipur with  Fun and Frolic We book the local cabs in a two way ,description is given below:-


Jaipur Packages for full day (8Hrs/80Kms) cab rental :

Cabs hire service is nothing but a small package of Taxi in Rent for going outstation from Jaipur that it is also called as 8/80 package. (8Hrs*80Kms) means 8 hours and 80 kilometers it means that customer can use cab for 8 hrs and 80kms. If you needs extra hours or kilometers additional rental charges apply. You may book your packages for getting the favorable rents and services. These packages are easily affordable for you and give us chance to visit. I hope this package is useful for making your journey with enjoyable and happiness.


Jaipur Packeges for half day (4Hrs/40Kms) cab rental :

 Jaipur local half day CAR AND TAXI  service is a half day package of Taxi in Rent  for local city usage but the duration and the rental amount would be reduced to half of the full day package. It is known (4Hrs*40Kms)package, that means the customer can use it for 4 hours and 40 km. you should book our half package for visit anywhere in Jaipur for 4 hours and take the fun of our services  you book this packages by few clicks in our sites If the customer needs extra hours or Kilometers additional rental charges apply.